Rick Hayes was born on the island of Newfoundland and grew up in a tiny town by the water. At around age fifteen, Rick started writing songs. Many of his songs are born from a feeling of Newfoundland as a good place to have grown up, and reflect the kind of music he loves. Mainly old Country and Newfoundland Folk inspire Rick to write songs, and to sing them for others. A while back he recorded a CD called Songs and Companions which contains a dozen of his songs, many of them inspired by his musical friends.

He has also always written stories, plays, and alternative fantasy novels. He’s has had a small amount of success, having published a few stories for a series of Canadian Anthologies a while back. But he loves writing, and he mostly does it for its own sake.

Aside from releasing an album of original songs, Rick Hayes earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, with a minor in Psychology, and studied Trauma and Addiction Studies at Algonquin College, also in Ottawa.

Click one of the two links above to read my stories, or listen to my songs.

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